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It's starting to feel like Spring now and if you didn't hear we are making our own Kombucha! I posted a very simple Kombucha recipe a little while ago and said that I would write again about how to flavour it...once I had figured it out that is. I have figured it out and so I'm ready to share! Once you have followed the recipe follow the following steps to make different flavour combinations! It's super easy and so economical to make your own Kombucha. It's about $5.00 a bottle at the store and all you need is a little sugar water and tea to make it yourself!  
The Kombucha/Sugar Question:
Is Kombucha high in sugar? No. You will see in the recipe that Kombucha does have sugar in it. This is because sugar is needed for the fermentation process. Most if not all the sugar is eaten by the yeast while the drink is fermenting. There may be some sugar left in the drink but it is minimal compared to what you actually put into it. The longer you leave the Kombucha fermenting, the less sugar there will be (and the more vinegary it will be). I have been using Wholesome sweetener's Natural Cane Sugar which I would highly recommend. Even though the sugar is eaten up by the yeast in Kombucha, it's good to use a high quality organic sugar because the cheap white sugars are incredibly processed. 
1) Once you have made your Kombucha and it has been fermenting for your desired length of time...strain it, removing the scoby. The scoby can be kept in the fridge soaking in a small amount of Kombucha mixture. 
2) Choose a fruit / flavour ( I have been using ginger). Place cut up pieces of fruit in a glass jar and fill the jar up to the top leaving less than an inch of air. I would say use about 1/5 fruit and 4/5 liquid. 
3) Seal the jar tightly and allow for a second fermentation process to take place. The longer you leave it the stronger it will be. We have had success with about 4-5 days.
4) When it's ready strain the liquid, rebottle it and keep it in the fridge! 

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