Thursday, January 10, 2013


Millet Curried Carrot Crackers
This my friends is sure to be a party pleaser. I am always faced with the dilemma of what to make with the juice pulp left over from my juicing. It seems like such a waste to throw it away. I must admit I have given up on using green juice pulp all together...and believe me I tried (think muffins,crackers etc). What I learned from the failed green pulp experimentations was that no one should use green juice pulp to make anything because no matter what you do it will taste horrendous. Juice pulps from fruits and root vegetables however make a lovely addition to baked goods, giving whatever you are making an extra fiber boost. Quite recently I have discovered the magic of millet. Just like buckwheat (which I posted about the other day), millet is not considered a grain as it is also a seed.  It is important to look at the growing properties of food in order to understand the health benefits. Millet has many properties which make it a great choice for when the body and mind are dealing with tough situations. 

*Millet prefers warm growing conditions but has amazing adaptogenic abilities and is largely resistant to drought with the ability to grow in very harsh soil conditions. 
*Under Mao, the Red Army ate a lot of millet. 
*In TCM millet is said to strengthen the yin and is good for boosting the spleen and liver. 

2 1/2 cups cooked millet
2 cups carrot pulp (left over from juicing)
1 tbsp + 1 tsp curry powder
2 tbsp flax
1 tbsp ground chia
1 tsp sea salt
1 1/2 cups water
1) Cook millet as directed on the package.
2) Make some carrot juice so that you have left over carrot pulp (alternatively you could grate 2 cups of carrot).
3) In a high powered blender or food processor combine all of the ingredients and pulse until it becomes a smooth batter.
4) Separate the batter equally on two teflex lined dehydrator sheets forming a square with the batter (I like to use a pie serving spatula to do this).  *You could try this on parchment lined cookie trays (I have never done it but in theory it should work). 
5) Dehydrate at 105-110 for up to 14 hours (depending on how crispy you like them). If you leave them in this long there should be no need to flip them over. If you are trying it in the oven, put the oven on at its lowest setting and place the cookie trays in the oven for 8-10 hours or until crisp.
6) Serve with your favourite dip!
7) Share with friends. 

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  1. These look great! I want to make them but don't have a juicer, we use a Vitamix. Do you think grated carrot would work?

  2. Sorry to not respond to you until now! I think grated carrot would definitely work!


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