Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My new favourite juice looks like bubble gum! It comes out with a frothy top of marbled pink and purple which is just lovely. It also turns out to be extremely delicious and only has two ingredients. Sometimes simple is the best! Who knew cabbage could be sooo sweet???There are so so may health benefits of red cabbage! Check it out!
  • phytochemicals called polyphenols = antioxidant powerhouse~!
  • gluconsinolates: have been suggested to fight against certain cancers. 
  • tons of vitamin A,C,K and B6
  • potassium and manganese 
-1/2 a red cabbage
-1 lemon 
Option #1: Juice the cabbage and lemon through a juicer (use a nut milk sac to strain the juice if you want it to be completely pulp free).
Option #2: Put a small amount of 
water in a high power blender. Add a 
small amount of cabbage at a time and blend 
until smooth. Strain through a nut milk sac to remove the pulp.
P.S. Juice always tastes better when you drink it from a wine glass!

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