Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's Easter time and what better way to celebrate the holiday than with some Chocolate Love! I'm not talking about the chocolate-like-product that you find on a shelf, loaded with sugar and modified dairy products. Eating that crap is practically like begging for an energy slump not to mention a tummy ache. What I'm talking about is a Cacao - the real stuff. Cacao is raw, unprocessed and therefore unheated chocolate which means it is super packed with healthy goodness on top of it being sooo yummy. Cacao gives you a long lasting energy boost and has so many nutritional bonus' that in my opinion no Easter Bunny Chocolate (no matter how pink and shiny the wrapper is) can compete. Cacao is a happy happy food containing lots of anandamide, serotonin and tryptophan which in a nutshell means loving, happy, relaxation goodness. Most importantly it is my all time favourite food - I probably eat cacao at least two or three times a day!
  • highest source of antioxidants tested to date
  • high in vitamin C
  • high in magnesium,chromium, iron and sulfur
  • contains anandamide ("The Bliss Chemical")
  • contains phenylethylamine (Aphrodisiac - where the LOVE comes in)
  • source of seratonin (Neurotransmitter - mood regulation)
  • source of tryptophan (Sleep Better, Relax)

Trust me its pretty much the tastiest thing ever! Once you have the ingredients it doesn’t take long to make.....


¾ cups ground almonds
¼ cups pitted dates (packed into the measuring cup)
1-2 tbsp cacao powder
1 tbsp water

1) Gring Almonds in the blender or a food processor until they are a powder like consistency
2) Add the dates, water and cacao powder until a dough like consistency is formed (not too sticky though! - careful how much water you add).
3) Transfer the dough to a round 8 inch pan (I used a spring form) pushing it to all edges with your fingers. If it gets sticky add a little bit of ground almond meal on the surface. Once the pan is covered with a thin layer of crust set aside.

¾ cup chia seed goo (mix ½ cup chia seed and ¼ cup water)
1 cup water
¾ cup cashews
½ cup maple syrup
½ cup cacao powder
1 tbsp sucanat (raw sugar)
1 tbsp vanilla
pinch sea salt
⅓ cup cacao butter melted
2 tbsp coconut oil melted

1) Make your chia goo in a bowl mixing it around and set it aside for a few minutes.
2) Put both the cacao butter and coconut oil in a small metal bowl and rest it on top of a pot of boiling water to melt (make shift double boiler). Stir until fully melted.
3) Put all of the ingredients except for the cacao butter and coconut oil into a high power blender or food processor. Blend until it is a smooth consistency with no lumps.
4) Add the melted cacao butter and coconut oil to the blended mixture and process again until smooth.
5) Pour the mixture over the crust in the pan and spread until the surface is even.
6) Refrigerate for 4-6 hours until the cake has set and can be cut easily into slices.

Easter Bunny....I think I win.

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